Drop-Out Wife (1972)
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Drop-Out Wife
 82 min | Year: 1972 |  United States of America

A young housewife gets involved by her husband in the "swinging" scene and discovers that it isn't all it's cracked up to be. She starts loathing her husband and leaves home. She stays at her friend's place and with her help, she starts dating other men. But in the end, she misses her kids and wants to be with them again, but her husband now hates her and wants a divorce. What is she to do?

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Cheating Notes

Highlight scene: the husband looking pissed and maybe even jealous while observing that his wife is enjoying herself at the orgy, switching easily from each man to the next, when she has displayed reluctance earlier while he was convincing her to swing. The orgy starts at 26:35.

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