Enthralled (2014)
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 109 min | Year: 2014 |  Hong Kong

Shing, Ka-Lok and Adam are three childhood friends who grew up in the shadow of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, and have just reunited for the first time in Hong Kong as adults. While sitting in a bar, each dispenses precise exposition, reciting his own personal history as if reading from a casting call sheet. Before leaving the bar, Adam who graduated from Cambridge and works as a managing director at a big bank picks up Julie, a bored socialite whose much older husband is running for local office. Meanwhile, Shing spies rich divorcee Linda and makes a quick connection. Is it for money or is it for love? Who knows or cares - she's got the bank account and he's got the virile young body and good grooming habits. He gets Linda's financial help to open his own hair salon, and soon forms a bond with Linda's teenage son, whose awkwardness and proto-Justin Bieber hairdo signal certain alternative leanings. Meanwhile, Ka-Lok teaches literature while wandering morosely around Hong Kong. He is searching for his long-lost father, who may be dead or disappeared, and that makes his moroseness nearly intolerable to himself and others. One of his mainland students, Snowy takes a shine to him, though he's so morose that Rihanna could jump his bones and he probably wouldn't stop reading that damn Sylvia Plath novel. Ka-Lok's situation eventually slides into a morose personal hell, while Adam's affair with Julie also leads to a form of perdition.

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Cheating Notes

At 14:50 While having a reunion with his two friends (Shing and Ka-lok), Adam flirts with Julie who is also having a reunion with her two friends. She is the wife of an older politician who is running for mayor of Hong Kong. He successfully picks her up and fucks her at her place (21:44).

Meanwhile, at the same time, Shing overhears a rich man's wife at the bar discussing divorce matters with her lawyer. It seems that the divorce settlement is still ongoing so technically, she could still be married to her cheating husband. Shing finds a way the cross path with the woman, whose name is Linda, and gives her his business card for his hair salon.

At 30:26, Linda comes to Shing's hair salon. Shing seduces her by massaging her sensually while she is having her hair shampooed. At 39:45, Shing comes to Linda's big house and fucks her. Then at 47:18, they pet heavily in a standing position and have implied sex in a dress shop.

Julie and Adam continue meeting each other. At 1:07:50, they are having post-coital cuddling and making out when her husband appears on television having an election debate with his rival. Adam tells Julie to leave her husband and come with him, especially when he saw a video on her phone of her husband fucking a 14-year old girl.

At 1:17:56, Julie is accompanying her husband in campaigning on the street when she sees Adam nearby. She follows him to an apartment building. They talk, with Adam continuing on convincing her to leave her husband. They hug and kiss briefly against a wall that is full of posted campaign photos of Julie's husband.

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Categories: Asia, Cheating, Cheating Wife

Original / Other Title:  愛‧尋‧迷, Oi chum mai

 Director:  Chip Tsao

Genres: Drama

Country:   Hong Kong
Release Date:  28 March 2014

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