Freezing Point
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The Freezing Point
 96 min | Year: 1966 |  Japan

Keizo Tsujiguchi believes his wife Natsue was having an extramarital affair when their child was kidnapped and killed. He believes that because of her affair with his colleague Murai, she was unable to watch over their child properly and blames her for their daughter's death. To exact revenge on his wife, he then adopts the killer's child without telling the truth to his wife or their newly adopted child.

When husband/doctor Keizo returns home for the day his wife Natsue (Ayako Wakao) is at the piano in what appears to be a state of detached rapture. . On the coffee table an ashtray and two cups, their young daughter is missing, Keizo suspects his wife was entertaining a male friend and that their daughter was conveniently sent outside to play.

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Original / Other Title:  氷点, Hyoten

 Director:  Satsuo Yamamoto

Genres: Crime, Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  26 March 1966

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