French Dirty (2015)
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 72 min | Year: 2015 |  United States of America

Not over his parents' divorce, Vincent hasn't really found himself. Untethered to a job, or relationship, he hangs out with Steve, his childhood best friend, and the random girl of the week, until he meets Roma. Instantly infatuated, but still with Jess, Vincent introduces Roma to Steve and watches love bloom between them, forcing him to hide his growing attraction. When Steve leaves town, Vincent and Roma hook up, admit they are in love and vow to tell Steve by the end of the day. But as the sun drops behind the Los Angeles skyline, Vincent ruminates on his parents' failed marriage, his own arrested development and the choice he must make to become a better man.

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Cheating Notes

Starting at 55:00, we see very brief flashback scenes of Vincent and Roma (Steve's girlfriend) fucking while Vincent is confessing to Steve (his best friend) that he fucked Roma. The camera is too close to their bodies so we don't really see anything much.

 Director:  Wade Allain-Marcus, Jesse Allain-Marcus

Genres: Drama, Comedy

Language:  English
Release Date:  17 June 2015

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