Fun: Can Be Dangerous Sometimes (2005)
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 138 min | Year: 2005 |  India

A trio of thrill-seeking housewives, plot to indulge in a game of "husband swapping," whilst on vacation.

Sex, skin and smooches (or to put it more starkly… sleaze, flab and tongue-twisters) are stored in galore for the viewer in Fun. Fun boasts to be the first Indian film to be based on the theme of husband swapping and we pray this should be the last film as well. The director does take his theme seriously and makes sure that each lady in the film swaps her husband.

Natasha (Payal Rohatgi), an outgoing upper society girl is married to a criminal lawyer, Aryan (Siddharth Koirala). She not only proposes and plans husband swapping for her two friends but also stealthily devices the same game with her husband and another woman Megha (Hina Rehman), plus herself indulges into adultery. All this happens in the first half where the director makes all efforts to highlight every possible sordid detail in the film.

And like all skin flicks, this one too shifts towards the who-dun-it path in the second half when suddenly Megha is murdered. However the change of track from erotica to thriller doesn't affect the skin exposure quotient of the film.

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Cheating Notes

 Director:  Sanjay Zaveri

Genres: Drama

Country:   India
Language:  Hindi
Release Date:  25 February 2005

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