Guilty Hearts (2002)
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Guilty Hearts
 180 min | Year: 2002 |  United States of America

A respected doctor. A woman of faith. Their secret affair led to... murder.

Quiet and unassuming church organist Jenny Moran is depressed with her marriage to working-class Matt and leaves him. Jenny begins an affair with the manipulative and charming Dr. Stephen Carrow, who is also deacon of her church and a married man. Someone kills Carrow's wife after she learns of the affair between Jenny and her husband. The murderer is caught and confesses, but that confession leads to new lies which tear apart Jenny Moran's life.

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IMDB Review

Marcia Gay Harden plays Jenny Moran, church organist on Sundays, mother of 3, and wife of the sometimes surly, seemingly insensitive Matt Moran, played perfectly by Gary Basaraba (who just likes things as they are in his home). Jenny, however, is a simmering crockpot of spousal neglect and an artistic spirit who longs for a soulmate. SO, Jenny does the LMN thing: she leaves her husband and moves in with her mother, telling Matt she "just wants out!". Matt, of course, is stunned, since he hadn't really spoken with Jenny in 8 or 10 years, and takes everything badly, virtually kicking her out of their home. Now, enter Dr. Stephen Carrow, portrayed by Treat Williams. He, his wife, and Jenny attend the same church, and it isn't long until he and Jenny discover their shared appreciation for classical music concerts and holding hands in the local art museum. As Matt fumes back home, Jenny and the Doctor consummate their affair, planning to divorce their spouses and marry. Not likely. Around Christmas, someone slips into the Carrow mansion and at midnight and rather callously blows Ms. Carrow's brains out (quicker than divorce, but fraught with red tape). Whodunnit? Everyone's a suspect until Carrow casually confesses. The larger problem is that the Jenny/Carrow affair becomes public news, and Jenny cracks under the strain, swallowing a fistful of pills. At this point, Matt, who realizes that he still loves the unfaithful Jenny, carries the day. He reforms himself into a more sensitive LMN husband and helps Jenny find the strength to testify against the evil, manipulative Carrow, who is found totally guilty of snuffing Ms. Carrow. At last, the Moran clan is back together, with Matt and Jenny pledging to forgive each other and to listen more actively.

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47:23 Jenny and the Doctor kiss and then consummate their affair.

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