Hayop sa hayop (1978)
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 99 min | Year: 1978 |  Philippines

Andro and Benjie are members of a gang who hold up a bank. Things got out of hand and Benjie kills a civilian. They are able to get away with the money and go on a run.

Alicia, Benjie's girlfriend who works in a club, comes along with them. They decide to hide in a remote province which turns out to be a wrong decision. While in the market to buy a few essentials, Alicia is spotted by a policeman who was able to track them down through some detective work.

While on the run, Andro slowly falls for Alicia's charm, looking at her while she takes a bath in the river and eventually kissing her when they get to be alone in the cave. The law, however, catches up with them and Andro takes a shot during one confrontation.

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Cheating Notes

Andro and Alicia are able to make out only and not have sex because Benjie arrives to interrupt them in the cave.

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