Il ginecologo della mutua (1977)
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 77 min | Year: 1977 |  Italy

A gynecologist with a low-rent practice gets an opportunity to take over a much more high-end practice from a friend of his father's after the friend has to flee because he owes money to the mob. A libertine married to a lesbian, he gets set up by his secretary Pamela to put out for a wide array of clients, giving some the babies they want and others the exact type of lovemaking they adore, One of his clients is Tina, the young wife of Arlotti, a wealthy entrepreneur, who wants to have a child at all costs. . In love with the wife of Arlotti, who becomes pregnant, Dr. Giovanardi succeeds in getting the financing for the construction of a new clinic with the help of Tina and her husband.

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Cheating Notes

Tina, the young wife of the older Arlotti, is the one who is wearing pink at 19:20. She gets nude in front of the gynecologist in this scene but doesn't have sex with him yet. Her husband is the one who talks to the gynecologist in a building that is being constructed at 32:34. At 44:15, she has implied sex with the gynecologist inside his clinic while her husband waits outside. We only see the after-sex scene where she's naked on the gynecologist's couch. In their final clinic session in the endmost part of the film, we see some petting action between them.

Some of the gynecologist's clients have husbands too, with some of them accompanying their partners to the clinic, not knowing, or perhaps knowing, that the gynecologist is fucking them behind closed doors.

The gynecologist's lesbian wife, who is in a marriage of convenience with him, kisses another female at 59:42.

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