Il vizio di famiglia (1975)
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 90 min | Year: 1975 |  Italy

Giosuè, a noble industrialist of the spaghetti of the Venetian province is about to die and his sister, Magda his wife, Ines and daughter, Suzie- the result of an old flirtation of twenty years before trying to grab the huge inheritance triggering a war made exclusively of low blows. In this scenario, a former prisoner, Giacomo arrives at the villa as a waiter, who in reality has been hired by the count's sister to compromise and in fact remove rival wife. To succeed, the new servant must even pretend to be gay, but once his true attitudes are discovered, all the women of the house will try to take him to their side by trying him with their graces. After the death of the noble, a final twist will make the hierarchies within the house clear.

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Cheating Notes

The rich man's wife is fucking her young nephew. Then, she also fucks the newly arrived ex-con butler who happens to be her ex-lover. She fucks him beside her sleeping husband at 41:32.

And then there's Edwige Fenech as the rich man's illegitimate daughter. Hot damn.

IMDB Review 1

This Italian sex comedy is probably one of the best of its kind (exactly what's its "kind" is though is more questionable). Renzo Montagnini plays a convict who gets out of prison and is picked up by a mysterious woman and taken to a wealthy estate to work as a butler. It seems one of his ex-lovers (Nieves Navarro) is now married to an older wealthy man, and the mysterious woman, who is the rich man's half-sister, is trying to get the ex-convict to tempt the wife into infidelity so her brother will disinherit her. This hardly seems necessary as the wife is already a raving nymphomaniac, who is carrying on with her teenage nephew (the mysterious woman's own son). Then the man's illegitimate daughter (Edwige Fenech) shows up on a motorcycle (wearing some very 70's cheek-baring short-shorts), followed by the ex-convict's own neglected wife (Orchidea DiSantis), who is pretending to be a maid. Oh yeah, and for some reason, the ex-convict is posing, very unconvincingly, as a homosexual.

IMDB Review 2

Don't confuse this film with the similar '"Dove vai se il vizietto non ce l'hai?" (1979). Renzo Montagnani basically plays the same part in both films, but in this one, it is Edwige Fenech, not Paola Senatore, who goes sunbathing while he does his gay butler act. Giacomo D'Amato (Renzo) is picked up by widowed countess Magda (Juliette Mayniel) the moment he's released from jail and promptly leaves his girlfriend standing there (remember-her-for-later-on alert). Magda wants Renzo to pose as a butler/chauffeur and seduce her brother's new wife Ines (who is Renzo's ex-lover), so Magda can have the inheritance all for herself.

Ines (Nieves Navarro) is already having late night rendezvous with Magda's teenage son Marco (Roberto Censi and his trademark bad hair cut) and sees through the new Major Domo's gay disguise immediately. Finally, Edwige arrives in green hot-pants on her scooter, proving to be an illegitimate love child of the crippled Count by showing the mole on her behind (the other blood relatives join her in the buttock line). As usual, Fenech waists no time and takes off her top for the aforementioned sunbathing scene, arousing the interest of Giacomo and Marco and objections from Ines.

As if all this wasn't confusing enough, the whole family keeps double and triple crossing each other to get into good graces with the Count. There is photographic evidence of adulterous affairs, a kidnap plot is foiled before the ransom note is dry, the blonde girlfriend from the start is suddenly the new maid, and a young cook who only appeared once or twice in the background suddenly moves in to seduce Edwige into a lesbian encounter (implied, not shown).

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Original / Other Title:  Il vizio di famiglia, The Family Vice

 Director:  Mariano Laurenti

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Italy
Language:  Italian
Release Date:  7 October 1975

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