In Her Defense (1999)
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 94 min | Year: 1999 |  Canada

Lawyer Andrew Garfield has a love affair with Jane, a deaf woman. A day when Jane's husband comes home early and catches them, Andrew shoots him. The police think Jane killed her husband and wants Andrew to defend her in court. Now he has to defend her, without drawing suspicion upon himself, and at the same time, this may be the big case he needs to improve his career.

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15:20 Wife fucks lawyer in her home. Her husband video calls her and the lawyer just stays out of the camera's range. Several minutes later into the movie, the lawyer comes back to the wife's house and they fuck again, but this time, her husband arrives, knowing what's going on and confronts the lawyer.

 Director:  Sidney J. Furie

Genres: Thriller

Country:   Canada
Language:  English
Release Date:  23 April 1999

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