In the Realm of the Senses (1976)
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 105 min | Year: 1976 |  France Japan

In 1936 Tokyo, Sada Abe is a former prostitute who now works as a maid in an inn. The inn's owner Kichizo Ishida makes an advance on her, and the two begin an intense affair that consists of sexual experiments and various self-indulgences. Kichizo leaves his wife, and he and Sada undertake a mock “marriage” ceremony. They take up residence in an inn and neglect everything else to the exclusion of each other. Sada becomes increasingly possessive and jealous of Kichizo, and Kichizo more eager to please her. Sada has to go make some money to support them by returning to her job as a prostitute. She sleeps with a school principal, but insists that he slap and pinch her. Their mutual obsession escalates until Kichizo finds that she is most excited by strangling him during lovemaking, and he is killed in this fashion. Sada then severs his penis. While she is shown next to him naked, it is mentioned that she will walk around with his penis inside her for several days. Words written with blood can be read on his chest: "Sada Kichi the two of us forever."

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Cheating Notes

At 43:20, Sada sleeps with a school principal so that she can make some money to pay for her and Kichizo's expenses. Earlier, she also tells Kichizo that she's married when he first tries to grope her. I'm not sure if that marriage still stands.


Original / Other Title:  愛のコリーダ

 Director:  Nagisa Ōshima

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   France Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  15 September 1976

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