Indecent Proposal (1993)
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R  117 min | Year: 1993 |  United States of America

A husband. A wife. A millionaire. A proposal.

A billionaire offers one million dollars to a young married couple for one night with the wife.

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Cheating Notes

The wife first meets the billionaire at a dress shop while her husband is playing at the casino. She looks really yummy while trying on a black dress in front of the billionaire as her shirt has its straps off her shoulders and so it's down and barely hanging on to her breasts, exposing her cleavage. Plus, she has no bra and her nipples are poking through her shirt, too.

The billionaire borrows the wife from her husband for luck while he gambles at the casino. She looks at him like she has a crush on him but is restrained because she's married. When she sits beside him, she takes a glance at her husband in a guilty way, typical of a wife who is loyal to her husband but can't hide the fact that she is attracted to a guy beside her. I really like the smiles she gives the billionaire here, like someone who's smitten but cannot commit because she is married. He keeps impressing her with money, betting one million dollars on one table. Her intensifying looks towards him signify that it's working and she is getting more impressed, and her pussy getting wetter too, probably.

The billionaire offers the couple 1 million dollars in exchange for a night with the wife. The couple is offended at first, but eventually, they agree to it.

The billionaire takes the wife to his yacht. They talk on its terrace and then they make out while standing. They have sex after that, but we don't get to see it.

The husband passes by a series of monitors in the casino and instead of racing horses, he sees his wife on them, getting fucked from behind by a hidden guy (probably the billionaire). Of course, he is just imagining this because of his jealousy.

After that night, the couple tries to live normally, but the husband can't because of his jealousy. He asks her if her sex with the billionaire was good. She says yes. He gets angry and accuses her that she was attracted to him in the first place, that's why she agreed to fuck him.

The couple separates. The billionaire woos the wife and gets her. We see them kiss again for the second time.

After some drama, the couple gets back together in the end.


It's unfortunate that we don't see the wife and the billionaire have sex (although I have seen this a long time ago and seem to remember that they did... maybe there's an uncut copy somewhere?), but at least we see the wife and her husband have sex at the beginning of the movie, with, Demi Moore, who looks really good here, showing us her nice breasts, and also when they are at the casino hotel.

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Wife and husband's sex scenes

Wife and billionaire's kissing scene

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