L’anello matrimoniale (1979) aka The Wedding Ring
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Year: 1979 |  Spain Italy

After eight years of marriage with the brilliant cosmetic surgeon Mario, Monica starts an affair with their new neighbor Giorgio, a former swimming champion. After her passion subsides, Monica, who has always confided everything to Mario, returns home. Giorgio, who chose to hide everything from his wife Alma, will not save his marriage from this shipwreck no matter how skilled of a swimmer he is.

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Cheating Notes

One morning, Giorgio is playing with a football and it crashes into the bedroom window of Monica who is still sleeping inside, naked with a sheet covering her lower body. She is startled and sits up, exposing her breasts to Giorgio who comes to get the ball.

Monica and her husband, Mario, have sex.

During traffic, Giorgio hops in on Monica's car. He talks to him and touches her face, seemingly starting to hit on her at this point.

The gardener takes a peep secretly at Alma, Giorgio's wife, when she changes her clothes inside her bedroom, suggesting to us how desirable she is.

Giorgio comes to Monica's house and talks to her. Maybe he's talking to her about his intention of having an affair with her.

Monica talks to her husband, possibly about Giorgio hitting on her.

Lover gropes wife and makes out with her inside the cinema

Giorgio follows Monica when she drives to the cinema to watch a movie. Inside the cinema, Giorgio sits behind Monica and suddenly starts to grope her and rub her leg gently. When she looks back and sees that it's him, she pulls away from his grasp but doesn't scream. She gets up and heads to the exit, but the exit she goes for is closed. Giorgio catches up to her, pushes her against the door, and kisses her. After a few seconds, she kisses back and makes out with him. They part lips and he tells her that they should get out of there and transfer to a hotel somewhere to fuck.

Monica leaves the cinema first, with a hint of uncertainty on her face, and gets on her car. Giorgio follows but when he is about to enter his own car, his wife Alma, who happens to be just passing by at that moment, sees him and tells him that they should watch the movie that is playing at the cinema since they're already there. So Giorgio has no choice but to accompany his wife. Monica meanwhile is watching them and laughs. Maybe she finds the sudden presence of Alma just as her husband is about to commit adultery as something comical, and also maybe she is laughing as an expression of relief: relieved that her attempted infidelity towards her husband had an intervention.

Monica visits Mario at the hospital and writes something for him to read on the window of the operating room that he's in. I think she's telling him that something has already started between her and Giorgio.

The other wife has great, passionate sex with her husband

Alma has sex with her husband, Giorgio. Their sex scene is hot because she is very passionate in bed, more passionate than Monica in my opinion, and she also accompanies her passionate lovemaking with passionate and erotic moans. All I was desiring at this point is to see her cheat too: a revenge sex (with Monica's husband, or hey, maybe the gardener can get lucky) before the movie ends.

Lover and wife pet inside a car and then inside an empty apartment

Giorgio and Monica drive to a park and make out and pet heavily inside the car. Afterward, they go to an unfurnished apartment where he rubs her pussy while they're standing in front of the window. They kiss while he continues on rubbing her pussy. The scene cuts off but they probably have sex after that.

Monica meets with her husband and updates him about Giorgio. Our beta cuck husband, meanwhile, seems to urge her to go on with her affair.

Lover and wife fuck inside a massage room

Giorgio fucks Monica from behind in a private massage room at a gym/pool place. Two old women smirk at them while he leads her to the massage room like they know what he's gonna do with her. Also, a hand closes the door to the massage room from outside, signifying that they tolerate those kinds of behavior in that place.

When Giorgio comes home, Alma fights with him. I guess she finds out about his affair through the gardener (because Giorgio punches him on the way out). At one point, she opens her blouse wide and exposes her breasts to him, maybe telling him, "Is this not enough for you?"

Monica talks to her husband, possibly about Giorgio again.

Lover and wife fuck passionately in the apartment

Monica and Giorgio meet in the apartment again. It is now furnished with a bed in it.  They have sex on the bed. This is their most sensual sex scene so far, with passionate kissing and stuff.  In some scenes, we get to see her pubes.

Alma comes over and talks to Mario. I think she's asking him how he could allow his wife to continue his affair with her husband Giorgio. Our beta cuck husband remains a cuck and doesn't even propose to Alma that they should cheat on their spouses, too.

Monica talks to her husband at a restaurant. After that, she goes to the apartment where Giorgio is waiting. He is mad and asks her why she's late. they have a heated talk. The next time that Monica comes to the apartment, he slaps her, then proceeds to fuck her on the floor while she just lies down with arms spread wide and does nothing. I think he's getting obsessed about her while she is getting tired of him. When he falls asleep, she leaves without waking him up and comes back to her husband.


I watch old films to discover little hidden gems like this. Monica's cheating scenes, accompanied by the drama and the progression, are quite hot. Not the best, but good.

It would have been better if Alma (Amparo Muñoz), the other wife, does a revenge cheating because, boy, she's hot and is more passionate in bed than Monica based on the fiery, erotic moans she emits when she is having sex with her husband.

Monica's husband does a good job of being a beta cuck. He just lets his wife go on with her affair with no benefit for him, like maybe watch her have sex with her lover or something like that. When offered the opportunity, he even doesn't fuck Giorgio's wife for revenge. But maybe he's doing it right, because at the end, when Monica gets tired of her jerk, jock-type lover, she comes back to him, and possibly will stay loyal for a while until the next attractive asshole comes along. And since she knows what her husband's reaction will be, Monica will fuck that asshole and cheat on him again because she knows that she will get away with it.

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Original / Other Title:  L'anello matrimoniale (The Wedding Ring), Experiencia extramatrimonial de una esposa (Extramarital Experience of a Wife)

 Director:  Mauro Ivaldi

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Country:   Spain Italy
Language:  Italian
Release Date:  24 January 1979

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