As Safadas (1982)
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As Safadas
 86 min | Year: 1982 |  Brazil

Tale of three stories.

'Rainha do Fliper' (Pinball's Queen) - In the outskirts of São Paulo, Reginéia is the pinball's queen, exploited by her pimp Giba. Out of the blue, her former boyfriend Tenório (a.k.a. Tezinho) comes to the arcade place seeking out Reginéia. She gets close to Tenório and has an argument with the jealous Giba. But Reginéia soon finds how insecure and mediocre Tenório is.

'Uma Aula de Sanfona' (One Class of Accordion) - Bank clerk Nanci and her friend Cristina have come from Ribeirão Preto and share an apartment in São Paulo. Nanci has an argument with her lover Valdemar, and goes to her room blaming her upset on the accordion lessons that her neighbor, Durval Pereira, is giving on the floor above. When their electric shower stops working Cristina asks Durval if he can fix it. Meanwhile, Valdemar comes to the apartment and Nanci decides to use her neighbor to make her boyfriend jealous. Nanci teases Durval and they have sex. Nanci becomes infatuated with Durval but when she pays him an unexpected visit she finds that he is not teaching accordion, but he is actually a pedophile.

'Belinha, a Virgem' (Belinha, the Virgin) - In São Paulo, the wedding day of the virgin, Belinha is rapidly approaching. But the wedding is against the will of her fiancé's mother. Belinha is not intimate before the wedding with her fiancé. What he does not know is that she is actually an amoral call girl who exploits old men, while she remains a virgin. When her future mother-in-law asks the parochial priest to check whether Belinha is a virgin or not, the girl uses her sculptural body to resolve the situation.

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 Director:  Carlos Reichenbach, Inácio Araújo, Antonio Meliande

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Brazil
Language:  Portuguese
Release Date:  19 November 1982

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