Lamog (2011)
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 83 min | Year: 2011 |  Philippines

Years ago, Eddie (Ace Castro) left his provincial home and tried to find a better life in Manila. Now, he has just received the news of his mother's death, two months after she actually passed. Distraught, he returns home with his girlfriend in tow, hoping to find some answers. When he gets to his house, he's surprised to find that his first love is now living with his younger brother, and that his stepfather has taken charge of the household. As he stays in the house, old passions begin to reignite, even as he becomes witness to his stepfather's dark secrets.

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Cheating Notes


A guy, along with his girlfriend, comes home after the death of his mother and finds that his ex-girlfriend is now living with his younger brother. He tries to fuck his ex-girlfriend but she rejects him (47:01). He later learns that his stepfather has taken charge of the household. He sees his stepfather fuck his ex-girlfriend/younger brother's girlfriend (1:00:30) after manhandling his younger brother in the same room and telling him to get out. His ex-girlfriend isn't exactly willing though, and I'm not sure if his younger brother knows, but based on the scenes, he probably does and is just afraid of and completely cuckolded by his stepfather.

The guy and his girlfriend, and the younger brother and his, have sex scenes. (try all servers)

 Director:  Carlo Alvarez

Genres: Thriller, Drama

Country:   Philippines
Language:  Filipino
Release Date:  4 May 2011

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