Golden Hole (Mini Series) (2020)


A woman deprived of love from her husband is somewhat duped into becoming a sex worker in a unique brothel called Golden Hole, where sex workers and clients remain anonymous to each other because a drape separates their faces while they have sex. Trouble begins when her neighbor, who lusts on her, becomes her client.

Rangoon (2017)

August 12, 2023

Julia travels to the Indo-Burma border to perform for the troops during the World War II, on the insistence of Billimoria, her lover. She finds herself in love with Jemadar Malik, a soldier there.

Tadap (TV Series) (2019)

August 1, 2023

A love triangle based on a city of West Bengal following the old tradition of our society, where a pretty girl living in her own magical world, craving for freedom falls in love with a crazy and bubby boy and marries him. Her love for him wavers when a well-settled widower enters her life and satisfies her needs.