The Labyrinth of Love (1993)


Valerie, a maid of French descent (Monica Seller), comes to work for a family in Saigon of the 1930s/40s. One by one, she seduces the members of the family: Chang Sun, the grandpa who is 60-year-old and widower for 20 years and incredibly rich and struck by her perverse charm, his married son, Mr Shaar and Mia, his wife, Pierre, their young gay son with his friend from university. She marries the grandfather and goes on holiday with him.

Waves of Lust (1975)


Giorgio is a rich, but narcissistic man who thinks he can do anything. He, along with his girlfriend Sylvia, a new friend, Barbara and her boyfriend Irem decides to go on a sea voyage on his own yacht. Giorgio believes that everything belongs to him, including the right to make love with both girls. Gradually the conflict between all the characters is growing …