Letzter Moment (2010) aka Last Moment
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 89 min | Year: 2010 |  Germany

After a passionate experience with a significantly older stranger in the kitchen of the restaurant where she works, Isabel's life gets out of hand: she thinks that she has found his soulmate, and it isn't by any means her fiance, whom she marries anyway, but leaves for the older man on the night of their wedding. However, the bigger problem comes when she introduces her new friend to her parents: he was and is her mother's great love.

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Cheating Notes

The old man kisses the young chick in the restaurant kitchen. After her initial shock, she approaches the old man, indicating it was ok and she wants more. So they kiss passionately and end up fucking on the kitchen top.

Later, the chick gets married to her fiance but she has a lot on her mind. During the nighttime celebration, she is smoking at the entrance of the venue when the old man comes along. She comes with him to his place and lies on his lap on the sofa with her wedding gown still on. They fuck, but we only see the after sex scene where she is off her gown and lying in bed with him, naked under the sheets.

In the morning, she comes home to her new husband and breaks up with him. He cries and hits her, and then the old man comes and rescues her.

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