Loose Relationship (2023)
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 102 min | Year: 2023 |  Russia

The story of two opposites who accidentally met in a St. Petersburg bar, spent the night together, and then were forced to get married due to an unplanned pregnancy. Seven years later, the heroes realize that they have become one of those married couples who are stuck in everyday life, and living together has become just a habit. Wanting to save the marriage for the sake of their son, the couple take a desperate measure - they offer to give each other a little freedom.

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Cheating Notes

Wanting to save the marriage for the sake of their son, the couple takes a desperate measure and allows each other to sleep with each one's close friend. At 1:06:06, the husband delivers his wife to his friend's apartment. The wife and the friend start petting heavily on the couch, but they stop, I'm not sure why, and then the friend gets injured so there's no chance of resuming their petting session anymore. Non-nude.

Original / Other Title:  Свободные отношения, Svobodnyye otnosheniya

 Director:  Dmitriy Nevzorov

Genres: Drama, Comedy

Country:   Russia
Language:  Russian
Release Date:  9 February 2023

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