Los sueños húmedos de Patrizia (1982)
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 75 min | Year: 1982 |  Spain

The marriage of Javier and Patrizia works very well, especially when they make love while watching Lola on the videocassette in very erotic poses and provocative gestures. In the end it is discovered that Lola is his lover and he married Patrizia only for hunting her fortune and Lola is not Lola but Pedro.

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Cheating Notes

26:00 - Patrizia makes out nude with her friend Laura.

34:12 - Patrizia has sex with a dude from her rich social circle. Beside them is Laura having lesbian sex with a woman. Patrizia's husband talks to her on the phone in the middle of it.

57:47 - Patrizia has a lesbian threesome with Laura and the other woman.

66:42, 75:21 - Patrizia fucks the rich dude again.

Original / Other Title:  Los sueños húmedos de Patrizia, Patrizia's Wet Dreams

 Director:  Ignacio F. Iquino

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Spain
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  22 February 1982

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