Lov3 (TV Series) (2022)
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 30 min | Year: 2022 |  Brazil

Siblings Ana, Sofia and Beto try to outrun conventional relationships, like their parents' 30-year-long marriage, which has just come to an abrupt end.

Each sibling has their own hang-ups and aims in life, mostly not to be like their disgruntled parents who spent most of their lives emotionally crushed by the social norms. It is the journey the siblings take that really sweeps you away into their world of joy and pain. From Sofia's foursome (the sexual kind) relationship to Ana's open marital relationship and Beto's hardships of finding gay love, it is all there, baring its soul... sometimes ugly, and other times all so beautiful.

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Cheating Notes

In Episode 1, Ana is about to separate from her husband because of some quarrel. When she talks to him while he is taking his things out from their place, we find out through her admission that she cheated on him. Her husband asks her sexual stuff about her tryst with her lover, like, did the guy cum in her mouth, to which she replies, "It was me who came in his mouth." This gets her husband horny and they have sex. After that, they decide not to separate but to have an open relationship instead. They set up some rules, like they should not hook up with their co-workers, or any of each other's friends, or hook up with anybody more than once. Ana will break all these rules in the succeeding episodes. Also, she's the only one we will see who will be hooking up with other people while we don't see her husband do it.

In episode 2, Ana doesn't waste time in utilizing her new open relationship privilege and makes out with her new, handsome, young co-worker while they're having a cigarette break. They, however, get interrupted and she decides not to fuck the kid after that.

Near the start of episode 3, we see Ana meet and fuck some people (both men and women), and then we see her have sex with her husband, so their one-sided open relationship seems to be good for their sex life, initially. However, Ana comes across Shion, her husband's ex-best friend who stopped communicating with them several years back. Ana starts off as not liking him because she thinks that he didn't like her for her husband, but she warms up to him and ends up starting an affair with him and we see them have sex a few times. First, she dreams of having sex with him in her workplace's kitchen (she's a cook), but their actual first sex happens inside a public restroom.

Near the start of episode 4, we see Ana and Shion in an after-sex scene at his place where they're naked and kiss a bit. They have dinner with her husband and Shion's girlfriend later, where her husband figures through their conversation that Ana had been seeing Shion behind his back.

In episode 6, Ana's husband confronts her about Shion. He asks her sexual stuff about their sex again, like where they did it (in his place, in a restroom, in a parking lot) and if she came every time they did it. Her answers make him horny again and he kisses her. But in the end, because of his beta-cuckness, Ana decides to leave him.


Ana is a world-class cheating, manipulative slut, worthy to be up there with the likes of Jada Pinkett Smith.

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Original / Other Title:  Lov3, Love

 Director:  Mariana Youssef

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Country:   Brazil
Language:  Portuguese
Release Date:  18 February 2022

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