Love Me Like I Do (1970)
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Love Me Like I Do
 101 min | Year: 1970 |  United States of America

The night a bedroom gets too small for two... it's open house for prowlers!

Sharon is a seemingly contented suburban wife with a nice husband, house and family, until she discovers that her husband is cheating on her with the neighborhood nympho Nanette, whose pilot husband is Jim. Will Sharon give in to the advances of Keith, who wants her husband's business and her?

Set somewhere between the sexual revolution and just before the feminist movement, "Love Me Like I Do" is perhaps most notable for featuring Dyanne Thorne of "Ilsa" fame, and as such it is interesting to watch this future "She Wolf of the SS" play Sharon, a doormat of a housewife. At the movie's opening, Sharon's biggest worries in life seem to be getting enough ice for the guests at the swinging backyard party she and husband Bill (Peter Carpenter) are hosting, and keeping her best friend, salty divorcée Marge, who strips naked by the pool, under control. But when Bill sneaks off with Nanette (Maria De Aragon) to go skinny dipping, obviously Sharon has more problems than we first realize. Not that Sharon is totally oblivious to Bill's philandering. She even goes over to Nanette's house, whips out a gun and fires a couple shots into the other woman's window (while husband Bill creeps naked out the front door). As often happens, Sharon places most of the blame on the other woman. "She's what psychologists would probably call a nymphomaniac," she says of Nanette.

Bill's not off the hook, but when confronted he just accuses Sharon of being a money-hungry bitch. Enter Keith Hunter, who wants Bill's business and his wife. Sharon resists his advances ("I don't believe in adultery"), until he attacks her, ripping her clothes off and then forcing himself upon her when she crawls naked and screaming to the bedroom. Following a mating logic that usually only exists in Harold Robbins novels, Sharon actually responds favorably to the rape. She's not as receptive to Keith using her as a bargaining tool for buying out Bill's struggling business, however. After the two men fight over her like a piece of property, Sharon shows up at Marge's door with the kids and a black eye. Wisely, she's decided to leave Bill.

Cut to: Sharon livin' it up in Las Vegas with Keith (their hotel room coincidentally has the EXACT SAME painting as the one that adorned the wall of the bedroom Sharon used to share with Bill). Apparently she did go to the highest bidder. Bill, consequently, comes unhinged, and he tries to take Nanette and Marge down with him.

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Cheating Notes

Many things are happening in the film, so I will just mention some of the hotter scenes.

Nanette, whose pilot husband is Jim, has sex with Bill, Sharon's husband, at 24:02.

Sharon's rape-turned-willing scene with Keith is at 39:14.

Sharon tells her husband in a cuckoldy way about her sex with Keith at 57:14.

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