Mona (2012)
3.3 (3)

 93 min | Year: 2012 |  Iceland Latvia

MONA is a modern and thrilling drama with erotic and fantasy elements. In a rural area where a slaughterhouse is the only industry lives a mysterious nature child Mona. The dull routine of villagers is broken by a city businessman Thomas who comes there for his uncle’s funeral and to sell the inherited estate. Meeting Mona throws Thomas in a dangerous maelstrom of illusions, passion and obsession.

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Cheating Notes

Thomas comes to a village to attend his uncle's funeral and sell the estate that he inherited from him. One of those who attended his uncle's wake is Mona, who has a boyfriend that works in the slaughterhouse.

Long story short, Mona fucks Thomas. But it's more her conscious decision rather than Thomas' seduction game because he ain't got none. He is a pathetic beta who can't control himself in front of an attractive woman. He always looks at her lecherously and makes sexual advances without sensing and confirming that her cockteases are genuine and so he gets rejected, slapped and even kicked by her on several instances.

Mona makes out with Thomas for a bit in the woods at 55:42. Then she has sex with him in front of the fireplace at 1:06:50 (interspersed with her nightmare of her boyfriend becoming a beast and chasing them). Their last sex scene on the mansion's winding stairs at 1:17:48, where her boyfriend has already died, is their best. It's an adequately long sex scene and the shots display their fully naked bodies.

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 Director:  Ināra Kolmane

Genres: Mystery, Drama, Fantasy

Country:   Iceland Latvia
Language:  Latvian
Release Date:  11 April 2012

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