Monk Tang Cho 2: Snake Goblin (2003)
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 83 min | Year: 2003 |  Hong Kong

Sex Monk "Tang Cho" in Ming's Dynasty met the Spider Goblin and got stolen his "lotus candle". The goblin opens the candle accidentally and went into the time machine and travel to Tong's Dynasty's Evil Forest. Wizard Yip Hoi and Yet Nim were there to hunt the Evil-King. They met Tang, and two Snake Goblin, Ching and Pai. Monk finally gets back his candle and resumes his power. He used his Great Seven Sex Kit killed Evil-King and Spider Goblin. And at the final, have a unique sex combat with the Evil-Queen

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Cheating Notes

40:58 (or 41:33 in the cut version) - Mother Goblin, wife of Goblin Master fucks the young monk apprentice Liam, pretending as the girl he fancies.

1:07:21 (or 50:55 in the cut version) - Light Reed, the future reincarnation of Liam who traveled back in time,  fucks the Mother Goblin using the 7 reviews in "Classic of Arcane Maid." It's supposed to kill her but nothing seems to happen to her in the end. She already killed her husband at this point. (uncut) (cut)

Original / Other Title:  燈草和尚II之白蛇前傳

 Director:  Yan Kit

Genres: Fantasy

Country:   Hong Kong
Language:  广州话, 廣州話
Release Date:  10 February 2003

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