Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994)
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R  125 min | Year: 1994 |  United States of America

New York in the 1920's. The only place to be was the Algonquin, and the only person to know was Dorothy Parker.

Mrs. Dorothy Parker, a 1920s poet and magazine writer who drank (during prohibition in New York) and caroused with a large, mouthy group of professionals in the writing and stage business. It's easy for anyone to relate to the loneliness Mrs. Parker feels in this boisterous "circle" of shallow, back-stabbing people. In spite of her gift for smooth, haunting, beautiful poetry (much of it recited in this movie), Mrs. Parker is not happy or fulfilled. Rather she is misunderstood, isolated and self-deprecating. She ends up losing a job over salary disputes, losing her husband to alcohol, and falling deeply and hopelessly in love with the married Charles McArthur (Matthew Broderick), who impregnates and betrays her. Mrs. Parker's only comfort in life is the friendship she has with Bob Benchley (an excellent Campbell Scott).

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Cheating Notes

Mrs. Dorothy Parker (Jennifer Jason Leigh), a 1920s poet and magazine writer during prohibition in New York, has extramarital affairs with several men, notably with young theater actor Charles McArthur (Matthew Broderick), who impregnates and betrays her. In her affairs after Charles, she is clearly already estranged, but not yet divorced, from her alcoholic husband.

50:02 - Charles caresses Mrs. Parker's leg/pussy under the table while having dinner with friends.

55:16 - Charles and Mrs. Parker fuck at Charles' place. We only see the making out and petting before and after their main sex, and she gets naked.

1:25:25 - Mrs. Party and a scion of a wealthy family kiss and have implied sex in the bushes while a high society party is going on.

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