Jane’s Summer (2020)
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 89 min | Year: 2020 |  South Korea

Jane is a dancer with outstanding talents but is always taken away from her spotlight. After failing an audition she had been anticipating and with a complicated heart, she leaves for Bangkok where her friend Ji-woo is. These two came to meet with two men called Summer and Rainfall at a pub they frequent, and Jane who was filled with sexual encounters also begins an unconventional and risky relationship with them.

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Cheating Notes

Is it cheating if a chick starts entertaining a guy's affection, starts hanging out and going out with him, and yet she fucks his best friend first? Well, the guy certainly thinks so. At 59:10, he comes home and finds the chick and his best friend fucking. He gets really mad and feels betrayed, looks fiercely at his best friend like he wants to kill him, and leaves.



Original / Other Title:  제인의 썸머, Summer Sway

 Director:  Song Eun-joo

Genres: Romance, Drama

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  18 June 2020

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