Oedipus orca (1977)
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 92 min | Year: 1977 |  Italy

After her harrowing kidnap ordeal in La orca (1976), Alice is rescued from the men that kidnap her and brought back to her family and her boyfriend, but her nightmare is far from over since she continues to have constant flashbacks of her ordeal. She resents her parents because she believes they wouldn't pay for her ransom, since that is what she heard her captors say through a wall when she was kidnapped. Coming back to normal life is not easy for her because she has to deal with her parents, her boyfriend, and mix feelings she had for one of the captors that she had sex with in order to survive.

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After her harrowing kidnap ordeal in La orca (1976), Alice is rescued from the men that kidnap her and brought back to her family and her boyfriend. She keeps recollecting things that happen in her captivity, including her lovemaking with one of the kidnappers.

Alice, accompanied by her boyfriend, comes back to the place where she was held captive. Her boyfriend tries to fuck her on the bed that she was tied to but she can't do it and tells him to wait in the car, after which, she starts masturbating while recalling one of her sex sessions with the kidnapper.

Alice and her mother come to the countryside so that she could recuperate. Because of some old photos, her mom spills a secret to her: that she had a lover when she and her husband had temporarily separated around 18 years ago, almost the same time when Alice was born.

Alice's father, along with his best friend, comes to visit her and her mother in the countryside. Her boyfriend also comes separately. Alice suspects that her father's best friend may be the lover that her mother was talking about and confronts him about it. She also begins to suspect that he may be her real father.

One night, Alice lets her father's best friend watch her and her boyfriend fuck in one of the rooms in the house when he stumbles upon them (her boyfriend doesn't notice it because he's on the floor while she is on top of him and riding him). She observes his reaction to see if he wouldn't get aroused like a father shouldn't if he's watching his own daughter have sex.

Alice kisses her father's best friend in a slaughterhouse. Normally, a father shouldn't kiss his daughter back, right? He kisses her back and they make out for a bit.

Alice wants to determine once and for all if her father's best friend is her real father so she comes to his place in the city and seduces him in his bedroom. After a bit of hesitation, he fucks her. So does that prove that he isn't her real father? I'm not sure, as the movie ends without resolving that issue, however, a dialog with her captor in part 1 might confirm it.

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