Peeping Married Woman: Schrödinger’s Woman (2018)
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 61 min | Year: 2018 |  Japan

Mayu lives with her husband, a company employee, and her father-in-law, who has dementia. One day, Ikushima, who lives in the apartment across the street, sees Mayu throwing an old fan in the trash. He takes the fan back to his place, repairs it and starts using it. After that, he gradually begins to peek into the life of Mayu. One day, he secretly follows her and is shocked to find her going inside a peeping club...

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Original / Other Title:  覗かれる人妻 シュレーディンガーの女, Nozokareru hitotsuma shurēdingā no on'na

 Director:  Hideo Josada

Genres: Comedy, Pinku

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  2 March 2018

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