Devil in the Flesh (1977)


Jun is a high school student who is preparing for his college entrance exam. On the day of his grandfather’s third anniversary, one of the attendees caught his eye: the young and beautiful Naoko Mizuki. A few days later, Jun found out that his friend Emi knew Naoko, giving him an excuse to talk to Naoko in a second-hand bookstore. Naoko took Jun to her home, but there he found out that she is already […]

Three Wives: Skin Comparison (1973)


Takagi, his wife, Kazumi, Kikuta, and his wife Maki were best friends from the school days, and looked like a family. One night, Kazumi, angry with Takagi, who had been late on his way home, ran away from home and went to Kikuta’s house to stay. The next morning, Kikuta and Maki left Kazumi at home and went to work. However, when Kikuta returned to his house to pick up her lost items, he instinctively […]