Picnic (TV Series) (2021)
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 48 min | Year: 2021 |  Ukraine

The key theme is the midlife crisis. The viewer will witness several storylines at once. The fates and stories of the main characters are closely intertwined. The focus is on a married couple - Vera and Oleg Lapin, who have been together for 17 years. They have a teenage daughter and a young son. It seems that the couple have been together for so long that everyone already knows about each other. But Oleg and Vera began to move away. At a picnic with good friends, an incident will happen that will cause a real storm of passions, and all the skeletons in the wardrobes of the heroes will be discovered.

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Cheating Notes

In episode 5, the wife dresses nicely and prepares a fancy dinner for her and her husband's anniversary. But he forgets about it and doesn't come home early. So the wife, now a little bit drunk from drinking wine while waiting, takes a drive to probably go to where her husband is. But she accidentally hits a car while backing off, so she calls her friend and ask her friend's husband to help her.

When her friend's husband arrives at the scene, our main wife, now feeling a little horny because of the wine, seduces him. He gives in and they bang in her car, with her sitting on top of him. Non-nude.

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Original / Other Title:  Пікнік, Пикник

 Director:  Irina Gromozda

Genres: Drama

Country:   Ukraine
Language:  Russian
Release Date:  6 September 2021

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