Picture of Beauty (2017)
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 70 min | Year: 2017 |  United Kingdom

Franek is a talented art forger and painter who along with his loyal assistant Hazel - herself a talented artist - are commissioned by a glamorous madam to produce a piece for her brothel to hopefully drum up more business. Although his subjects at the brothel are beautiful, he yearns for more and calls upon his assistant to find more models. Stephanie, a beautiful and strong-minded political activist who freshly expelled from university for her views answers the call and takes an instant liking to the shy painter. Her young friend Julia would be a perfect subject too, but she has recently been arrested for escaping the bonds of her cruel and much older husband, who just happens to be an influential police officer. The group literally (and metaphorically) frees Julia, meaning that Franek can hopefully complete what should be his masterpiece and hopefully find love for himself.

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Cheating Notes

Julia has a no-penetration lesbian coupling with her friend Stephanie in the lake. After that, she receives a whipping from her religious-nut relatives who took her in when her parents died. The said relatives arrange for her to be married, but generously give her some choices. Julia chooses a policeman and even looks happy about it, probably looking forward to a great outcome.

Julia gets married to the cop and on the night of their honeymoon (38:51), he asks her if she's still a virgin. After she says yes, he bangs her hard and rough, without any regard for any pain she might feel due to her being a virgin. The rough sex is quite hot. After the cop finishes, Julia, still feeling unsatisfied, mounts him and starts humping him. Done for the night, he pushes her off him.

Julia is held in jail after she runs away from her husband. The painter and his female models set her free by bribing the jail guard. At 58:22, Julia kisses Paul on a picnic cloth in the woods while they are hanging out with the others. Paul is a carriage driver who earlier told Julia that he loves her. A bit later, Julia and Paul join the other female models in posing nude for the painter. While they are in a painting session, Julia approaches Paul and makes out with him. The others leave to give them some privacy, so they proceed to have sex.

Note: Julia's marriage might be fake.

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