Psycho Sex Killer (1991)
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 85 min | Year: 1991 |  Philippines

A serial killer is on the loose. And the victims have one thing in common — they are all in the care of the same psychiatrist. Who could be the mysterious killer? The mama’s boy who wakes up with blood in his hands. The neglected loner capable of murder… The police lieutenant in charge of the investigation… Or could it be the doctor, who herself was also a patient only a few years back?

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Cheating Notes

The psychiatrist becomes the girlfriend of the cop. At 52:40, she has implied sex (we only see the foreplay making out/petting) with her patient who comes to her house for help, thinking that he has killed someone that night. At 1:01:40, she makes out and pets with the same patient on her clinic bed but she pushes him off her after a while. Non-nude.


 Director:  Dante Pangilinan

Genres: Crime, Action

Country:   Philippines
Language:  Filipino
Release Date:  11 November 1991

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