Puffball (2007)
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R  120 min | Year: 2007 |  Ireland Canada United Kingdom

Liffey, a young female architect from London buys and redevelops a house in Ireland which had been burnt down 5 years ago. After having sex with her boyfriend on a stone - which legend has it is a shrine to Odin - in the nearby woods, Liffey becomes pregnant. When her boyfriend is called away on urgent work-related issues, Liffey is left to sort out the redevelopment of the house on her own. The house had been owned by Molly where she and husband lived with two daughters and a son. A fire in the building killed the boy. The family moved to the adjacent farm. At the time of the story, we have Molly as an old, somewhat demented witch, living with Tucker, her son-in-law and one of her daughters, Mabs, who in turn has three daughters. Molly has been desperate for one of her 3 daughters to have a son so that a male entity can be in the family. She decides to start performing black magic directed towards Liffey, in the hope that the child Liffey is carrying will become Mabs'.

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At 51:50, Tucker goes to Liffey's (Kelly Reilly) property to work on the generator. He gives Liffey wine and says it's from his wife Mabs. The wine, if taken, will make someone sex-crazy, I mean crazier than the intended effect of regular wine. I'm not sure whether Molly (Mabs' mother) made it that way through witchcraft or some other way. Liffey drinks it and as expected, it makes her horny as fuck. She makes the move on Tucker while he is working on the generator and they have wild, rough sex in the barn. Tucker unloads his cum inside Liffey's womb and... you have to watch the movie to find out whether he impregnates her or not. Liffey has a boyfriend but he was called away on urgent work-related issues.

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Original / Other Title:  Puffball: The Devil's Eyeball

 Director:  Nicolas Roeg

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Country:   Ireland Canada United Kingdom
Language:  English
Release Date:  28 October 2007

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