S&M Chapter 2 (2010)
3 (2)

 72 min | Year: 2010 |  Japan

Saya had planned a scheme so that Sakiko, who works under Makoto, would witness her sexual affair with Makoto in the office. Makoto’s home is about to become a broken one when his wife Sachiko is told of her husband’s unfaithful doings. Saya, simmering with bottomless vengeance, exploits Hayakawa, Makoto’s daughter’s private tutor, to lure Sachiko into committing adultery... and in the end, nothing can hold down sexual desires!

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Cheating Notes

In part 1, it's basically all about Makoto getting seduced by his new subordinate Saya, having sex with her, and then getting blackmailed by her as part of her plan of revenge for something that she's blaming him.

Here in part 2, Sachiko, the wife of Makoto, has begun suspecting his infidelity and decides to have revenge on him by cheating with her daughter's private tutor. She does the preliminary petting stage with him on the couch: kissing, getting her boobs fondled, the inside of her leg caressed, etc., but someone calls the tutor on the phone which interrupts them so they don't proceed to have sex.

The next time that they're alone together, Makoto tells the tutor that she loves her husband and decided not to cheat on him. So the tutor, who is actually hired by Saya as part of her revenge plan, holds her captive and forces her into a sadomasochistic session. However, before he could really do anything to her aside from fondling her boobs, her husband saves her.

Original / Other Title:  SとM 第二章

 Director:  Yutaka Ohgi

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  20 August 2010

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