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 90 min | Year: 1989 |  South Korea

The husband plays kinky and dangerous games on his wife, like pretending he is a house intruder, wearing a mask so she couldn't identify him, and then raping her. One night, he follows her to a bar and watches her get picked up by a man. The wife, upon realizing that her husband is watching her incognito, decides to play his game and goes with the man to a hotel. She and the man start making out and having sex on the bed. Her husband silently comes in to watch and when she notices him, she stops fucking the man, slaps her husband and leaves, seemingly tired of his kinky games. The husband pays the man, whom he apparently hired to pick up his wife. What more kinky games does he have for her until she's had enough?

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Original / Other Title:  빨간여우

 Director:  Park Chul-soo

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  6 September 1989

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