Sambahin ang puri ko (1997)
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 116 min | Year: 1997 |  Philippines

Anita leaves her village when her marriage to a rich, old man is canceled because he found out on their wedding day that she slept with his son and was impregnated by him. She comes to the big city and moves in with Chona, a stage actress, to work as her maid. Chona's boyfriend is a rich, middle-aged man who supports the theatre financially. But when he finds out that Chona is cheating on her, he starts falling for Anita instead, who has some acting skills and has replaced Chona in a play. Anita is set on marrying the man, but she returns to the village first to take care of some unfinished business with her ex-fiance and his son.

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Cheating Notes

After a drinking session, Anita has sex with her supposed future son-in-law. To be fair, she hasn't even met the guy's father yet. Later, Anita gets introduced to the rich, old man. He bids on her in a beauty contest so that she can win. He tries to fuck her on the beach, but after petting with him, she refuses because she wants them to get married first.

On the day of Anita's wedding, she faints (46:04). A guest congratulates the couple, assuming that she's already pregnant. We then see a flashback of Anita's lovemaking with the old man's son, more extensive and more nude this time, suggesting that he impregnated her that night. The old man realizes that he couldn't be the one who impregnated her since they didn't have sex yet so he gets mad and cancels their wedding.

Anita goes to the big city and a gay uncle brings her to the house of Chona, a stage actress whose rich, middle-aged boyfriend is a patron of the arts. Apparently, Chona is cheating on her boyfriend with a young lover. Anita and her uncle witness Chona with her young lover at her place that day (54:20).

Chona seduces her boyfriend and tries to have sex with him while he is painting her in the nude, but he rejects her (1:08:11). After this, we see Chona have sex with her young lover on the beach.

Chona's boyfriend sees her and her lover hop in a taxi and kiss inside it (1:11:38). After that, we see Chona and her lover have sex in a hotel resort which is sitting on top of a hill. Their sex scene is adequately long.

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 Director:  Mauro Gia Samonte

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   Philippines
Language:  Filipino
Release Date:  11 July 1997

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