Secret: A Wife’s Man
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Secret: A Wife's Man
 86 min | Year: 2015 |  South Korea

Every love has its own secret.

Nam-su loves his wife Ji-yoon whom he fell in love with at first sight, and he's sure that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

One day, however, A man from Ji-yoon's past suddenly comes to visit. She says that this man is like a father to him. Nam-su cannot help but notice that Ji-yoon seems so excited seeing her "father" again and is very physically comfortable with him. When they sit on the couch, he puts his arm around her shoulders like they are lovers, and during the night, she sneaks out of their bed and sleeps beside her "father", although they did not seem to have sex.

Nam-su tries to understand Ji-yoon's display of affection towards this father figure of hers as she told him that she grew up without a dad. But as days passed, she shows more affection towards him than to Nam-su. When she announces that she is pregnant, she even hugs her "father" first, instead of Nam-su, thereby making him more jealous. Pretty soon, the anxiety becomes irreversible. One day, Nam-su arrives home and sees Ji-yoon and her "father" sitting very close to each other on the couch, with his arms around her. He can't help but think if something's going on between the two. Finally, he snaps and grabs a knife...

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Cheating Notes

This movie has no subtitles, so I can only try to guess what's going on. It seems that it's more likely that the wife is not cheating on her husband with the man whom she calls her "father." They didn't have sex or kiss or anything like that. Maybe the wife is just too close to her "father" in her earlier life that she can get very close to him physically and can even sleep beside him  without malice.

But then again, maybe the dialogue will reveal otherwise if only I could understand them. Because even until the end of the movie, when they are already fighting, the wife is still taking her "father's" side more than her husband's. Also the title of the movie is Secret: A Wife’s Man. There's the word 'secret', and also 'a wife's man' sound like it refers to her lover and not her husband. Why put a title like that if there's no cheating? Even the movie's tagline, Every love has its own secret, seems to suggest cheating.

Whether the wife cheated or not, I find it quite erotic to see the husband come home and see his wife, dressed in skimpy shorts and a tight, sleeveless shirt showcasing her fit body, sitting too close to her "father" on the couch and with his arm around her shoulders. I mean, if you don't know their relationship, you'd think that they are really husband and wife with the way they sit beside each other, so you really can't blame the husband for getting jealous. Plus, the "father" is not really the type who is old and has a pale body. On the contrary, he is handsome and has a pretty well-toned body, and couple that with the fact that the husband doesn't really know him except what his wife told her, so what's a husband to think?

There's a scene where the husband wakes up in the middle of the night, finds that his wife is not beside him, and then finds that she snuck out and slept in the other room, cuddled up in the arms of her "father". They are not having sex and are sleeping soundly, but with his wife all cuddled up like that in the arms of another guy, with her body pressing against his, I guess it can be kind of mental torture for the guy.

There are some cuckold-ish scenes like the wife and her "father" sitting on the couch (with his arm around her shoulders as usual), feeding each other, and then the husband comes home and they just order him to take the trash out while they continue doing their thing on the couch, with the "father" not even making an effort to take his arm off the wife. They seem to be even making fun of the husband and laughing at him, but this scene could be just in the husband's mind (and there are a few more scenes like this that I'm not sure if real or imagined).

The scene where the wife comes running towards her "father" instead of her husband when she finds out that she is pregnant is priceless, too. I mean, with the way they hug and smile at each other, it makes you think that they're the ones who fucked and made the baby and not the wife and her husband.

The wife does give her husband sex though, lots of it. But maybe it's just to compensate for her guilt due to cheating on him. I mean, there's one aftersex scene where she has this certain expression on her face while lying on her husband's bare chest that could suggest something like that.

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Original / Other Title:  비밀: 아내의 남자

 Director:  Lee Sang-hwa

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  2 April 2015

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