Severely Rape (1998)
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 90 min | Year: 1998 |  Hong Kong

'Severely Rape' is an okay Cat III erotic film that sadly doesn't have anything to do with its ultra-sleazy title. Nobody gets severely raped here.

'Severely Raped' is about the adventures of two friends - a forty-year-old virgin called Jacky who wants to find true love in a club-centric spot in Mainland China, and his mate Shui who brags that he's an expert in the dating game in the said place. They go to clubs looking for ladies and Shui quickly hooks up with Suet who in turn introduces Jacky to her friend May-yin. Sure enough, Jacky's quest soon comes to an end when he ends up in bed with May-yin. For a while, all seems fine and dandy between the four of them, with Jacky more than willing to splash out his money on his new lady-friend, but trouble looms when Jacky and Shui find out that both Suet and May-yin are in fact two prostitutes playing them for suckers and are fleecing them of every dollar they have. What's more, both have husbands already, who are aware of their jobs and the fact that they con those men. May-yin in particular, is raising money so that she can get her husband, the one she truly loves, out of jail.

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Cheating Notes

Original / Other Title:  極度強姦, Severely Rape / Raped

 Director:  Lam Yee Hung

Genres: Drama, Romance, Comedy

Country:   Hong Kong
Release Date:  31 October 1998

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