Sex Life of Plants (2015)
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 94 min | Year: 2015 |  Chile

After a head injury makes a dimwit stranger out of Barbara's boyfriend Guille, she ceases to feel desire for him. Nearing 35, and longing for motherhood, she settles with a new partner. The memory of lost love harrows her so she visits Guille again and has sex with him.

35-year-old Barbara wants children, but Guillermo wants to take it easy. Her passionate love for one another, however, seems to be unshakable - until Guillermo one day falls on the head and even after months of rehab with his motor problems and childish seizures is no longer the same as before. Barbara doesn't want to stop loving him. But it was another man with whom she wanted to have children. The biological clock is ticking - and Barbara has to make a decision. With her instincts. Or her mind.

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Cheating Notes

An interesting Spanish cheating movie. Boyfriend and girlfriend in a seemingly happy relationship. They want to get married and have children. But things change when the boyfriend is injured in an accident. His personality changes, he becomes childish, has mood swings and his reflexes aren't what they used to be. The girlfriend tries to love him like before but at one point is fed up and leaves him for another man. She moves in with her new guy but can't forget her ex. So one day she visits her ex and has sex with him. (source)

05:45 Sex with bf
1:00:32 Sex with new guy
1:15:45 sex with new guy
1:24:50 Cheating sex with ex-bf

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Original / Other Title:  Vida sexual de las plantas

 Director:  Sebastián Brahm

Genres: Drama

Country:   Chile
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  21 September 2015

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