Sex Scandal (2003)
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Sex Scandal
 93 min | Year: 2003 |  Philippines

Because of a dysfunctional upbringing, Jake inherits his father's perversion for sex. He grows up to become a pornographer, videotaping his sex encounters and replicating these to be sold at "bangketas" and, on the sly, in video rental shops. The women in the videos ---Jake's current girlfriend Andrea, his ex-girlfriend Prances who was engaged to Joseph at the time of recording and now married to the guy, and Donna, a beauty queen/photo model who has a cop for a boyfriend --- get their reputations tainted when the videos are exposed. At first, the women lose their self-esteem and suffer depression. Thanks to Marra who is a feminist, they find the strength to come out and file charges against Jake. But not before hurdling insurmountable shame and extremely debilitating prejudice. This story shows the ills effects of pornography and that, indeed, there is life after a scandal.

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Cheating Notes

A videographer records his sexual encounters with three women and sells them at video rental shops. The women in the videos are his current girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend who was engaged at the time of recording and is now married, and a beauty queen/photo model who has a cop for a boyfriend.

The videographer is asked by his ex-girlfriend to do the video coverage for her wedding. At 36:30, he calls her to his place, pretending that he's going to kill himself. He then forces himself on her when she arrives. She resists at first but gives in.

The videographer kisses the model on the beach at 41:27 and then they fuck in a cottage after that. The model's boyfriend keeps on calling her while she is fucking the videographer but she ignores him.

 Director:  Francis Posadas

Genres: Drama

Country:   Philippines
Language:  Filipino
Release Date:  19 November 2003

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