Rapeman 3 (1994)
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 75 min | Year: 1994 |  Japan

Keisuke is a timid and nerdy high-school teacher by day, and a leather clad rapist "superhero" by night. One day, one of Keisuke's students is found dead, and her death is ruled an accident. Keisuke and the girl's mother don't believe her death to be accidental – and upon investigation, Keisuke and Uncle Shotoku unknowingly delve into an underground world of shady cops, scummy drug dealers, corrupt teachers, and a rape-porn ring. Of course, with Rapeman's upstanding moral values, he must do something to avenge the young student's death, bring down the criminals and right wrongs through penetration!

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Cheating Notes

The first case is that of a wife having a female lover and a cucked husband. The husband comes home and finds her having lesbian sex with her lover but he couldn't do anything about it and his wife even tells him to wait outside until she and her lover can finish.

So the husband hires Rapeman to rape his wife and make her feel how it is to be fucked by a man. Rapeman does so, and the wife likes it and from there on, she starts having sex with her husband. However, she can only get aroused if her husband is wearing the same costume as Rapeman.

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Original / Other Title:  THE レイプマン3

 Director:  Takao Nagaishi

Genres: Comedy, Crime

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  3 June 1994

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