Sexy Wives Sinsations
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 78 min | Year: 2011 |  United States of America

The stimulated staff of a sex clinic uses erotic role-playing to revive failing marriages in this arousing adult drama.

Sequel to the supercharged erotic thriller Sexy Wives Sindrome set in a sex clinic that features new doctors, new patients and new beauties who indulge in a series of smoldering encounters.

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Cheating Notes

Linda (Christine Nguyen) and her husband Jim have a threesome with Lulu (Samantha Ryan), a clinic assistant, as part of their sex therapy.

Linda has lesbian sex with Dr. Anderson in the shower while her husband is mind-controlled to go somewhere. They pour chocolate syrup on and lick it off from each other's bodies .

Meanwhile, Jim has a threesome with Lulu and Rosalyn (Raven Alexis) in another room in the clinic.

Two cops pretend to be a couple and infiltrate the clinic. Since they're just pretending, the wife's sex scenes do not count as cheating or swinging scenes.

Linda has a threesome with Lulu and Rosalyn.

Linda and her husband Jim are about to have sex when Rosalyn enters their bedroom and asks to join. Sure, Linda says, when her husband asks her if it's ok with her. They proceed to have a threesome.


Samantha Ryan, Raven Alexis, And Christine Nguyen are hot.

Not sure if this is a sequel or a remake of Sexy Wives Sindrome, as some of the scenes and lines are copied off exactly as they were from that one. Hey, who cares? Fuck the plot, I'll just watch Samantha Ryan, Raven Alexis, And Christine Nguyen get it on and I'm good.

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