Bal badem (1979)


Wife gets raped by two friends of her husband. She comes under the custody of a doctor (?) for treatment. The rape makes her crave sexually. She seduces the doctor but he doesn’t go for it, so she fucks his friend who hangs around in his house instead. When the doctor finds out about their tryst, he scolds her. She runs away, stops a truck on the road and fucks the driver inside it. Some […]

Gatta alla pari (1993)


Suria’s daughter Nancy is engaged to the young Roger, who, respecting her, certainly does not contribute to her serenity, since she is forced to get excited looking at slides of men in bathing suits. Meanwhile her mother has sex with Roger, the future son-in-law and Frank, the bodyguard. Her second husband, James, who is interested in Baby Ryan, a young friend of Frank who, after having invested to enter the villa, she obtained the employment […]

Sinful Temptations (2001)


In this steamy erotic thriller, Nicole is a woman whose significant other Brad wants her to stay home and take care of the house. But Nicole soon grows bored with this routine, and begins taking assignments as a nude model for men’s magazines. Nicole is soon lured into a number of sexual liaisons with models and photographers she’s been working with, and her relationship with Brad is strained to the breaking point. But things become […]

Animal Attraction: Carnal Desires


A massage parlor gets way more business than it can handle when Mick, an excellent and handsome masseur, begins working there. He quickly gets a reputation for being one of the best in the business and suddenly finds himself unable to satisfy his customers’ growing demands. He also wants to open his own business. But when his work and personal life begin to collide, he is forced to choose between his loyalties and his desires.