Sheremetevo-2 (1990)
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Шереметьево 2
 79 min | Year: 1990 |  Soviet Union Ukraine

An intelligent businessman from former engineers realizes that he is unlikely to be able to "turn around" in his homeland, and decides to emigrate. But for his beloved wife, the question is "to go or not?" not so rhetorical. That is why the journey to Sheremetyevo-2 airport turns out to be unexpectedly long and difficult for both spouses.

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Cheating Notes

The wife first meets the young, handsome artist at the airport when he offers her water while she is sending off her aunt along with her husband and her parents. Their first meeting is brief.

Some people are serious about extorting money from the older husband, who is a businessman, and they even kidnap his wife to deliver that message. This will push the husband to decide to emigrate with his wife.

The wife meets the artist again on the streets, where he is selling some of his artwork. This time, she hangs out with him longer and has coffee with him and his older artist friend.

The husband wants to buy some paintings to bring with him and this leads him to the old artist, who has the young artist with him at his place. The wife and the young artist meet again and flirt a bit before her husband catches up to her. She introduces the two guys to each other. One of the paintings that her husband wants to buy is made by the young artist, who tells them that it's not for sale. The lady in the painting seems to be the wife and she smiles when she realizes this.

After her husband fucks her, the wife roams the city, contemplating about them leaving, and also about the young artist. Finally, she decides to go to the artist and they have an impromptu date.

A few days later, the artist gives the painting that the husband wants to buy to the wife for free. She comes sailing with him and relishes his hunky physique while he's in his trunks. Nothing still happens between them and at the end of the day, the wife leaves via train. But then she decides to come back and has sex with the artist on the beach (1:05:00). It's an awesome cheating scene and worth the wait.

The husband wonders why the wife isn't back home yet late in the evening and searches for her everywhere. In the morning, he sees her kissing the guy goodbye. He doesn't confront them, but I guess he assumes that she's been with him all night fucking his brains out.


The wait for the wife's cheating scene near the endmost part is so worth it.

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Original / Other Title:  Шереметьево 2

 Director:  Yuri Kuzmenko

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   Soviet Union Ukraine
Language:  Russian
Release Date:  31 October 1990

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