Sins of the Flesh (2016)
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 125 min | Year: 2016 |  Egypt

Hassan and Fatma are a couple, living and working in a farm of wealthy owner Mourad. In the first days of the Jan 25th revolution, Ali seizes a security breach to break out of jail and runs to his cousin Hassan, for shelter. The latter takes him in but soon after, Mourad discovers the love that Fatma and Ali shared, years ago. This romantic history, fuelled by mounting sexual frustration, will come back to haunt all those involved.

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Cheating Notes

8:29 - Ali, the cousin of Fatma's husband, hugs her from behind after he escaped from jail and her husband took him in, signifying they had a past.

19:33 - Nighttime, Fatma watches Ali take a bath in the open and feels lust. He notices her and tries to kiss her but she walks away.

27:13 - The two kiss and have implied sex.

47:30 - Mourad, the farm owner, sees Ali and Fatma petting in Ali's bedroom.


The two kiss and pet at 1:04:55 and 1:27:38 but her husband is already dead at this point.

Non-nude, no real sex action.

Original / Other Title:  حرام الجسد

 Director:  Khaled El Hagar

Genres: Romance, Drama, Crime

Country:   Egypt
Language:  Arabic
Release Date:  29 March 2016

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