Sins of the Night (1993)
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 85 min | Year: 1993 |  United States of America

Jack Nietsche is a hardened ex-con who now works for an P.I. firm, run by Ted Quincy. Quincy's ex-lover is Roxie, now wife to godfather Tony Falcone. In a huge mix-up/double-cross, Roxie plots with Jack to get rid of Falcone and Quincy, one an abusive husband, the other a demented role playing ex-lover, and run away with Jack. But the double crossings don't end there

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IMDB Review

One of the sexiest films I have ever seen. Deborah Shelton, even at 45 or so, looks absolutely incredible. She plays Roxy, a glamorous high-class prostitute who has little trouble ensnaring Jack, a hard-drinking private dick to murder her husband or something. The plot's a bit confusing. The confusion ends when Roxy has sex with Jack. She really gives it her all. Very convincing scenes. She looked like she was really enjoying herself. He's taking her from behind at one point, grabbing hold of her gorgeous breasts, and she's rocking back and whispering something in his ear, before gasping for joy and laughing and generally just having a complete ball (or two).

46:23 Jack fucks Roxie in the brothel that she manages and her husband owns. The sex scene is long and sexy.

50:56 After Jack has left, Ted Quincy arrives at the brothel. Roxie also fucks him, roleplaying as his dead wife because he requests for it. Just the foreplay is shown.

1:01:20 Jack and Roxie have sex again.

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