Submission (1976) aka Scandalo
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 116 min | Year: 1976 |  Italy

It is during World War II in France just before the great invasion. Eliane is a pharmacist who is married to her dull husband and has a teenage daughter. Eliane is an attractive woman who has let her passion fall dormant. One evening, the pharmacy clerk makes a pass at her when he thinks she is another girl. Soon she lets the passion overtake her and she soon becomes his sex slave.

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Cheating Notes

Armand is fucking Juliette, his coworker in Eliane Michoud's pharmacy. One night after the shop closes, Juliette and Armand agree to meet in the back of the shop to screw. However, Juliette isn't able to come because her husband has come to fetch her. Because the back room of the shop is poorly lit, Armand mistakenly grabs Eliane instead. He fondles her boobs and makes her grab his dick. Eliane slaps him but leaves without telling him that it is her and not Juliette.

The next day, Armand confirms from Juliette that it isn't her whom he grabbed yesterday. He wonders why Eliane did not fire her so he makes some tests. He purposely bumps into Eliane a few times and in one instance, he bumps into her head-on and then pretends to wipe the front of her white coat, intentionally putting his hands over her breasts. Although she stops him, she doesn't slap him or anything, so this lets Armand know that he's in.

Armand makes his intention known to Eliane but he gets rebuffed. Armand writes an anonymous love letter and leaves it on the knob of a door. Eliane reads it and shows it to her husband, Henri. Since it is anonymous, Henri tells her not to jump to a conclusion because it might not be for her, maybe it is for Juliette, for example.

First cheating

One night after the shop closes, Eliane tells Armand that she will fire him because of the letter. He pleads with her but she wouldn't listen. Then, he starts sexually accosting her. He forces her to kneel so that she will suck his dick. Eliane is really resisting him, but at the last moment upon seeing his dick in front of her, she gives in and sucks his dick.

Cheating while a customer is just nearby

Eliane tries to avoid Armand the next day because she doesn't want their affair to continue. When the pharmacy is about to close, Armand starts chasing Eliane around. When he catches him, he lays her down at the back of the counter and starts kissing her. She resists him, but when a customer comes in, she hushes up, afraid of the scandal that will arise if someone finds out. Armand continues kissing her and touching her pussy. She finally gives in to him and they make love while the customer is hovering just above them on the other side of the counter.

While the husband is on the phone

Eliane's husband Henri calls her from somewhere to tell her that he will not be coming home for a few days. While she is talking to him on the phone, Armand fondles her boobs from behind and kisses her on the neck and ears.

Eliane's daughter nearly catches them

Since Henri is gone for a few days, Armand comes back to the shop one night and tells Eliane to let him in from the window. Eliane refuses, but since he is insistent and starts making noises, she lets him in. They make love in her bedroom. She forgets to turn off the faucet in the kitchen and her daughter, Justine notices this. Justine comes up to her room and nearly catches her in bed with Armand.

Armand dominates the two wives

One day, Armand purposely starts making love to Juliette and lets Eliane catch them to get a reaction from her. He makes the two wives face each other. He tells Eliane to take her clothes off. She obliges. Then, he guides Juliette's hand towards Eliane's breasts. She touches it for a bit, but turns around, slaps Armand and runs off. Eliane breaks down because by just standing there and letting Armand do what he wanted to, she realizes that she has become his sex slave.

Armand quits the pharmacy and Eliane starts longing for him. When he comes back one night, Eliane is glad and lets him know it by initiating to suck his dick. She tells him that she is now his slave. To prove it, Armand makes her walk outside in the streets naked, in which one drunk sees her.

Eliane confesses to her husband

One night, thinking that her husband is sleeping (or maybe hoping that he is awake), Eliane talks out loud and is sort of confessing to him that she is having an affair with Armand and has become his sex slave. Henri is awake indeed and hears her confession. He silently lets out some tears, but he doesn't confront her about it, not this time nor ever.

In the end, Armand is also able to fuck the couple's teenage daughter, Justine.


This is a highly erotic Italian cheating wife movie from the '70s and I recommend it.

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Original / Other Title:  Scandalo

 Director:  Salvatore Samperi

Genres: Drama

Country:   Italy
Language:  English, Italian
Release Date:  17 November 1976

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