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 161 min | Year: 2011 |  Russia

In the year 2020, a group of wealthy Moscovites travel to an abandoned astrophysics complex, rumored to have enough power to halt the process of aging.

Ther four main characters in the group are driven to be more than human, and each one is a microcosm of one segment of Russian society: there is an overachieving Noble-prize level scientist; his frigid Stepford wife; her brother who is a Russian tv host version of Ryan Secrest; and a horse jockey who is a neo-Nazi type of leader of an organized crime syndicate. This last one is all evil, whereas the others are complicated by their personalities, which range between good and non-good.

They journey to a distant site in the middle of a vast empty landscape-- a circle that seems to be a mile in diameter, in which the center functions as a kind of funnel for all of the energy gathered from the sun and stars. There is a rumor that all of the people in the area have eternal youth, and these four are intrigued enough to spend any amount to find out for themselves.

Into the mix is thrown a woman who may just be the Russian Secrest's perfect counterpart and the five of them "adopt" one woman who appears to be in her 20s, yet is 30 years older. Now the six characters experience what it means to have complete and utter youth and happiness. As you might imagine, it comes with horrifying pitfalls.

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Cheating Notes

A horse jockey comes with a wife, her rich scientist husband, and her TV host brother to a place rumored to have anti-aging powers. When they get back to Moscow, the wife begins an affair with the horse jockey. He's no ordinary jockey. He has a ranch and seems to be doing some criminal schemes with his minions on the highway.

1:00:58 - The wife guides the jockey's hand to her pussy inside her skirt on top of a ping-pong table beside a lake, away from a picnic/party where her husband is.

1:11:59 - The wife and the jockey fuck inside a truck full of captives (I don't know what kind of captives they are). We don't see much here.

1:24:10 - The husband fucks a 52-year-old chick --who looks like she's 19 because she lives near the place with anti-aging powers-- in a dresser.

1:29:47 - The wife and the jockey fuck on the grass. We still don't see much but it's better than their truck scene.

1:52:15 - The wife and the jockey fuck in his ranch. This time, the sex scene is longer and she is naked.

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Original / Other Title:  Мишень, Mishen

 Director:  Aleksandr Zeldovich

Country:   Russia
Language:  Russian
Release Date:  26 June 2011

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