Teenage Bride
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 88 min | Year: 1974 |  United States of America

College dropout Dennis arrives to stay over at his stepbrother Charlie's house. With Charlie and Sandy's marriage falling apart, Charlie prefers to visit his buxom nudist mistress Marie. As she wants Charlie for herself, Marie wants him to tape Sandy seducing Dennis. Meanwhile, bra-less Sandy really does invite Dennis to bed. Charlie finds a private detective who is preoccupied by his secretary Betty. Afterwards, Charlie's own secretary Abigail invites him home. Meanwhile, Dennis confronts Marie, but she seduces him. As Marie lives in the same street as Charlie, the private detective accidentally tapes her and Dennis.

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Cheating Notes

Dennis stops over at his stepbrother Charlie's house on his way to Florida. Sandy, Charlie's wife receives him and when Charlie arrives from the office the three of them have dinner together. After dinner, Charlie leaves to go to his mistress' place. His wife knows about his affair and use it as sort of justification to seduce and fuck Dennis that same night.

Later in the movie, Dennis goes to the place of Charlie's mistress, Marie, to convince her to end her affair with Charlie. Marie ends up seducing him and fucking him on her bed instead. So yeah, Charlie managed to cuckold his stepbrother twice without doing much effort.

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