The Berlin Affair (1985)
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NC-17  96 min | Year: 1985 |  Germany Italy

Two women, a man and a madness

What begins as an innocent art class becomes a steamy triangle of erotic passions and forbidden love. A beautiful Japanese woman becomes the object of obsession in a devious relationship between the wife of a German diplomat and her husband.

The Berlin Affair 1985 Set in 1938 Berlin, Louise Von Hollendorf is the wife of a young Nazi diplomat who meets and falls in love with a certain Mitsuko Matsugae, an artist and the daughter of the Japanese ambassador to Germany. Louise's husband Heinz soon finds out and tries to break up the union between his wife and Mitsuko, only to eventually fall in love with Mitsuko also, while outside parties who include art professor Joseph Benno, Mitsuko's lover, and Heinz's cousin Wolf, a Gestapo officer, figure in which threatens to destroy the love triangle for good.

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Cheating Notes

The German wife and the Japanese woman have several kissing and sex scenes (18:34, 23:22, 27:56, etc).

The German wife has passionate sex with her husband on the couch (47:00).

The Japanese woman makes love to the German wife's husband beside the German wife while the latter is immobilized due to a drug (1:15:47). This will start an affair between the husband and the Japanese woman and they see each other again afterward. They have sex on the floor at 1:36:57.

Non-nude/strategic nudity only.

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